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Hey, I'm Tao. I'm a software engineer interested in using technology for social good. I'm into computer security, decentralized systems, and philosophy.

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2019-08-22 - awarded NGI Zero grant

My project is an interactive map of the fediverse. The fediverse, or “federated universe”, is the set of social media servers, hosted by individuals across the globe, forming a libre and more democratic alternative to traditional social media.

2018-07-29 - Decentralizing

This website is now available on the peer-to-peer web via the Dat protocol.

2016-08-31 - Self and Lack Thereof: On Kierkegaard and Capitalism

In the age of social media, identity is becoming increasingly fluid and fragmented: with greater access to information comes more exposure to new perspectives and personalities, and for every side of our selves, there is a channel to express it and an audience at the ready. This explosion of identities fits neatly into the logic of consumer capitalism: more identities means more markets. Thus, identity fluidity – a concept that has liberatory potential – ends up reinforcing existing capitalist structures. Søren Kierkegaard, as one of the early experts on identity, presents a useful lens to explore this contradiction.

2016-08-14 - AI Resources

This is a collection of resources on various AI topics (mostly ML). There’s a lot here - it’s mostly for reference!